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1. Registration and Payment Policy: Registration for the workshop is considered confirmed only after full payment of the corresponding fee. Payments must be made by the specified deadline and are accepted via transfer or cash. Payments include access to all workshop sessions and materials. 2. Cancellation and Refund Policy: Cancellations made up to 3 days before the start of the workshop will be refunded in full. Cancellations made after this date will receive a 50% refund of the total cost. No refunds will be made in case of non-attendance. 3. Intellectual Property Rights: All educational material provided during the workshop is the exclusive property of Ready Studio SAS NIT 901624631 and is protected by copyright. Its copying, redistribution or commercial use is prohibited without the prior written consent of Ready Studio SAS. 4. Modifications to the Workshop Program: Ready Studio SAS reserves the right to make changes to the content, times, location and facilitators of the workshop as necessary. Every effort will be made to inform participants in advance of any significant changes. 5. Limitation of Liability: Responsibility for Results: Ready Studio SAS is committed to providing a high quality workshop with content and materials based on knowledge and experience practices in the industry. However, Ready Studio SAS will not be responsible for the results of the workshop if it is proven that there was a lack of commitment on the part of the Client, including but not limited to non-active participation in the sessions, failure to complete assigned tasks or lack of application of the strategies and knowledge taught during the workshop



Client Commitment: The Client is expected to actively participate and commit to the learning process throughout the workshop. This includes attending all scheduled sessions, participating in discussions and activities, and applying acquired practices and knowledge in your professional context. Proof of Commitment: In case of dissatisfaction with the results obtained from the workshop, the Client must provide sufficient evidence of their commitment and active participation in all activities and sessions of the workshop. The responsibility of Ready Studio SAS is limited to the provision of the service as described in the commercial proposal and does not include guarantees of specific results, which are influenced by the participation and actions of the Client. 6. Confidentiality and Data Privacy: The information contained in the business proposal for the "Back to Basics" workshop, including, but not limited to, costs, methodology, materials and any specific data provided, is confidential and the exclusive property of Ready Studio SAS. This information is intended solely for the use of the recipient of the proposal and must not be shared, disclosed, or sent to third parties without the prior written consent of Ready Studio SAS. The recipient agrees not to use this information for any purpose other than the evaluation of their participation in the workshop. Any unauthorized copying, distribution or disclosure of the commercial proposal is strictly prohibited. Ready Studio SAS is committed to protecting the privacy and security of participants' personal data. The information collected will be used solely for workshop-related purposes and will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent, unless required by law. 7. Acceptance of Terms: Registration and participation in the workshop implies complete acceptance of these terms and conditions. Participants must ensure they have read and understood all clauses before registering.

Terms & Conditions

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